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Railroad figure: regard locomotive as life

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Railroad figure: regard locomotive as life

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Trains travel safely by skill. Having worked for 19 years, zhang wei has been deeply impressed by the arrangement of generation after generation of locomotive models, the arrangement of electrical lines, the failure of electrical components and the troubleshooting methods.

"The locomotive electrical circuit is just like the 'nerves' of the locomotive. Only by protecting these' nerves' can the train run normally." Zhang wei said.

Zhang wei, a technician at the tianjin locomotive depot of China railway Beijing bureau group co., LTD., is also a communist party member. With his hard work, perseverance and dedication, he created one after another excellent results in ordinary posts.

Dare to bear hardships, have tenacity, not admit defeat, to study

"I must be highly responsible for the work. I must ensure that all the locomotives I have repaired and repaired during the repair process will be in good condition after they go online."

In 2000, zhang wei graduated from zhuzhou railway electrical engineering school in hunan province, majoring in electrical engineering. The vehicle electrical group is mainly responsible for maintenance and repair of locomotive electrical lines.

Locomotive running a certain mileage needs to be warehousing maintenance. At that time, zhang wei did the basic work of testing the traction motor and replacing the carbon brush of the motor. At first, the job seemed "very simple" to him, but "this naive idea" soon changed.

Recall the first time with the teacher liu zhao gang maintenance scene, zhang wei with "jiong" to describe his experience: head helmet, wearing a raincoat, drill to the bottom of the locomotive, in less than 1.5 meters in the trench from beginning to end bent, one hand with a flashlight, one hand operation. "Shifu shouted. Come and have a look. I frowned and thought, 'it's a chore.' my legs were shaking." Zhang wei said.

There are even jiong's. The model zhang wei learned at school was an electric locomotive, while the locomotive depot was basically an internal-combustion locomotive, most of which he had never seen. Once, the teacher liu zhao just asked him to remove the speed measuring motor next to the locomotive and send it to the accessories class for maintenance. Zhang wei took the wrench and did not tear it down for a long time.

"You have to work hard to catch up and not fall off." Zhang wei, who was born and made love, showed great perseverance. During the day, he learned skills from his master and spent hours bending over in the ditch. In the evening to repair the situation and write down, and then study the book on the knowledge of electricity; Practical operation, do not understand the workshop master to consult; When we have tasks, we are always the first to rush forward.

Everything comes to him who waits. Half a year later, zhang wei was able to "dry" after drilling into the trench to replace the carbon brush of the motor. He also improved his tools. The handle of the ratchet wheel, a conventional tool, was too long and inconvenient to use, so he took down the ratchet wheel and welded a handle on it, which allowed it to be used in a narrow space and greatly improved the work efficiency.

Mr. Zhang is also looking to cut costs. "After the maintenance of the same locomotive, I will put it in storage for maintenance next time. According to the repair situation recorded in the book last time, I can determine whether the motor carbon brush needs to be replaced by unscrew the motor cover." "You don't have to replace anything that can still be used," Mr. Zhang said.

Watching the disciple's continuous progress, master liu zhaogang was very happy: "ok, young man, do a good job, more training, more contributions to the railway."

A year and a half later, zhang wei's job changed. After changing the carbon brush in the morning, I will learn to hand in the car with my master in the afternoon. That is, I will check the performance of the locomotive to ensure that there is no problem and then put it into operation. The delivery process is complicated: first test the fuel pump motor, the oil pump motor, and then check the stepless driver. Then, "shake off", that is, cooperate with fitter to clean the steam of locomotive diesel engine cylinder head to prevent the formation of water hammer.

"That's not the hardest part. The hardest part is finding the ground." Zhang wei explained that the so-called search for "grounding" means that the positive or negative electrode is not allowed to have "grounding" phenomenon, to prevent any electrode on foreign matter, thus creating a short circuit fire hazard. Carefully looking for, carefully measured, do not let go of any hidden danger point, zhang wei's serious and responsible, by colleagues.

"I must be highly responsible for the work. I must ensure that all the locomotives I have repaired and repaired during the repair process have no problems after they go online. I must deliver passengers or goods to their destinations safely and smoothly." Zhang wei said. Due to his outstanding work performance, zhang wei was transferred from the vehicle electrical group to the electrical distribution group in the maintenance workshop of the locomotive depot within only two years, which was 17 years in a row.

The work of the electrical distribution group also gave zhang wei more opportunities to exercise, allowing him to get in touch with different locomotive models and electrical accessories, with a broader vision, "fully aware of the rapid development of China's railway industry", and more determined to "make a difference".

Have the courage to innovate, do a line, love a line, fine line

"Diligence and diligence, no matter it is technical innovation or technical innovation, only by diligent study and practice, do a line, love a line, fine line, to become an expert."

Opportunities favor those who are prepared, and test those who are willing to take them.

In June 2014, zhang wei was selected by the locomotive depot to participate in the fourth national railway industry skills competition. This time, the competition was much more difficult than previous competitions, zhang recalled, not only than the theory, but also the HX3C locomotive dynamic, static, driver controller maintenance, circuit board welding.

To prepare for the race, zhang wei dives into the locomotive every day, braving temperatures of nearly 50 degrees for hours at a time. Every time you get out of the locomotive, you can wring water out of your clothes. With this hard work, zhang wei stood out in the competition and won the honorary title of "national technical expert".

Back at his post, tianjin locomotive depot arranged zhang wei to be a part-time teacher of electrical accessories, passing on the mastered technology to the young employees.

Liu ziyuan is one of them. "At the beginning of the locomotive overhaul, I was not familiar with the electrical components, and my posture was not in place. Welding circuit is easy to shake the hand, welding out of the line crooked. Mr. Zhang wei didn't let up on me because I was a girl. He kept explaining key skills to me and gave me new inspirations. My skills improved quickly."

Achievement is the best proof. Liu ziyuan won the first place in the skills competition held by the former Beijing railway bureau in 2016.

A party member a flag, under the encouragement of zhang wei drive, colleagues especially young staff study together, mutual exchange, learn from each other, formed a "learn, practice, catch up, than, super" strong atmosphere.

Zhang wei also has a unique skill -- technical innovation, which makes his colleagues convinced. At the beginning of 2015, the "innovation studio" named after zhang wei was established by tianjin locomotive depot labor union. The studio was officially awarded in July 2016 after it passed the acceptance of the former Beijing railway bureau trade union. The studio is composed of seven people, including zhang wei, whose main direction is "maintenance of diesel locomotive accessories and independent repair of HX locomotive accessories".

Winter is the season with the highest use frequency of locomotive electric heaters, but motor faults are prone to occur. Once, a locomotive electric heater failure, if to the designated manufacturers to buy, update, need to spend more than 2000 yuan. Love pondering zhang wei see in the eye, remember in the heart. After work, he a person on the fault of electric heaters anatomy, inspection, found that the fault is caused by the motor stator and rotor adsorption of a large number of dust.

"Absorbing a lot of dirt is due to the lack of dust protection, why not make a dust cover yourself?" Zhang wei said to work, he bought fire materials, measure the size, saw cut drilling, made a motor stator rotor dust cover, after loading test, performance and dust effect is good. For this one project, it saves nearly 70,000 yuan every year, and also wins the "national railway youth innovation and technology award".

There are even more savings. The "replacement and repair of moving contact components of qcc1-15.10d" project led by zhang wei saves nearly 800,000 yuan per year. According to statistics, "zhang wei innovation studio" can save more than 2 million yuan for the locomotive depot every year through technical improvement and technical innovation.

"Diligence and diligence, no matter it is technical innovation or technical innovation, only by diligent study and practice, do a line, love a line, fine line, to become an expert." Zhang wei said.

Willing to contribute, dare to take responsibility, have done, know Thanksgiving

"When doing anything, I first think of myself as a party member, to play an exemplary role, urgent and dangerous work to rush up first."

On April 29, 2019, the "harmony lecture hall" of tianjin locomotive depot opened as scheduled. The instructor, Yang fuzhi, a braking engineer, gave a special lecture on the braking system of HXD3B/C locomotive. The audience listened with great interest.

This is a microcosm of "harmony lecture hall" jointly held by "zhang wei innovation studio" and tianjin locomotive depot technology department. Since 2015, the "harmony lecture hall" has held nearly 400 sessions, which has played an active role in improving staff's professional skills, enhancing enterprises' independent innovation ability, and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological productivity, and is deeply loved by colleagues.

Li mo, who started working in tianjin locomotive depot in 2015, regards "harmony lecture hall" as "the enlightening teacher to learn locomotive knowledge in the beginning". "Harmony lecture hall has a theme for each session. The knowledge of HXD2B locomotive, HXD3B locomotive and braking system has opened a new world for me. Apply what you learn in the lecture hall to your practical homework, and then bring the problems encountered in the homework back to the lecture hall to discuss and solve with other students." Over the past four years, Mr. Li said, he has accumulated a stack of lecture notes and Shared them with new colleagues, making them beneficiaries of the lecture.

In the interview, zhang wei said many times, "when doing something, I first think of myself as a party member, to play an exemplary role, urgent and dangerous work to rush up first."

Once, China railway corporation held a skill competition. Five contestants from Beijing railway bureau participated in the competition. Zhang wei was selected as the head coach of locomotive electrician group. During the training period, I taught troubleshooting methods and basic electrician skills hand in hand during the day, and stayed up until midnight at night to write simulation questions. Zhang wei found that the players had mood swings and flinched, so he talked heart to heart and encouraged them. This competition, the Beijing bureau group company obtains the history best result.

"During the training period of nearly 60 days, zhang wei did not have a day off. Without his all-out efforts, we could hardly have achieved such good results. He is an example for us to follow." "Said chang zhigang, a colleague and contestant of the competition.

In 2017, zhang wei served as the minor party branch secretary of the maintenance workshop of tianjin locomotive depot. Minor minor repairs include diesel unit, transmission group, vehicle power group and other first-line groups. Within a year, the party branch was named "top ten party branch" by China railway corporation.

Behind the honor, is hard work. "The Spring Festival rush, summer rush, National Day and other time nodes, due to the large increase in passenger traffic, the pressure on car supply is great. Before the spare parts preparation work, the section to the paragraph staring control, in case of urgent repair task, party members always rushed in front. Zhang wei said.

The national May Day labor medal, the tianjin May Day labor medal... In the face of these honors, zhang wei first thought of Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving this great era, Thanksgiving organization and training, Thanksgiving master guidance.

With the rapid development of railway industry, mass travel is more convenient. Zhang wei's work is getting busier and busier, and his feelings for his work are getting deeper and deeper. "Every accessory, every locomotive is a life, with feelings to repair, delivered out after reluctant and full of hope. It's more demanding, it's more demanding, it's more urgent, but I love it and it brings happiness." Zhang wei said.

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